When PADT started in 1994, the founders developed both a mission and vision statement. A quick review showed that a standard mission and vision statements were not a good fit for what they envisioned for PADT to be.  They imagined a company based on a few basic principles that could be used to drive growth and success regardless of how the mission and vision changed over the years.  The result was PADT’s philosophy, a set of guiding principles that are still used by the entire company on a daily basis, even though the company has grown and changed over the years:

PADT's Core Philosophy

  • Establish a high level of integrity
  • Hire and develop the best people
  • Learn your tools inside and out
  • Synergistically combine disciplines
  • Provide flexible solutions of a higher quality in less time for less money
PADT meeting in library


PADT insists on the highest level of personal and professional integrity from all of its team members. The most important sales tool for the company is its reputation.  PADT has established itself as a company that communicates openly and honestly with its customers and ensures that we deliver on our promises in a timely and affordable manner. 


PADT’s staff is its most important asset, and every member is dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations. PADT hires graduates from some of the top universities in the country, and brings experienced experts on board who have worked for industry leading companies in the past.  When you work with PADT’s employees you quickly learn that they are well informed, experienced, and enthusiastic.  

Once they are here we focus on continualy updating their skills and knowledge. Our customers are the best source for this, sharing their knowledge and expertise as we help them solve their engineering problems.


Engineering has become a highly automated and computerized discipline.  As new hardware and software is introduced, it is often easy to be caught up in the use of the tool or process, and lose sight of the goal or the task at hand.  PADT avoids this problem by mastering a variety of world class tools.  By becoming familiar with the operation of programs and machines, the focus can remain on solving problems instead of on how to use the tools.  We extend this  beyond the simulation software, and the design and manufacturing hardware to include the operating systems, networks, and computers these tools use.


Synergy can be an over-used buzz word, but it truly describes the effect achieved at PADT by combining tools and expertise from different areas.  With experts in simulation, product development, and rapid prototyping, the staff has cross-trained one another so that everyone can work together and create a better solution.  This also allows our engineers to know when a solution from an entirely different discipline can be applied to a problem in a new and innovative way.


Today’s competitive environment demands that product development be carried out in less time for less money while producing a better product or result.  PADT was established knowing that delivering these three things is what our customers want. The company’s continued steady growth and retention of customers is a testament that our dedication to delivering solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s requests is priority number one.

PADT electric car charging station
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