PADT’s staff is what PADT is about. It is part of our core philosophy. It is how we market PADT.  It is what sets us apart. 

PADT Library Meeting

PADT is in business because "We Make Innovation Work™". Our staff are the people who make that statement true.

Every employee at PADT is experienced in their area of focus, as well as at least one other discipline. By combining these multi-disciplinary skills, PADT can offer flexible and responsive solutions to its customers.

Most of our engineers hold advanced degrees, including six Ph.D.’s. and 12 Master Degrees.  PADT is also proud to acknowledge that it employs graduates from five of the nation’s top ten mechanical engineering schools:  CalTech, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Georgia Tech and Purdue. For 2013, we can claim all 5 of the top 5 with Purdue at #8.

By hiring only the most experienced people, PADT can provide timely solutions that meet customer demands as they arise.

If you are interested in joining the PADT staff, please see our available employment careers.

PADT Lab Workers
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