When designing, testing, and manufacturing physical parts and systems, engineers need the right machines which are reliable, affordable, and effective. When it comes to 3D Printing and Scanning, there are a few clear leaders in the industry that deliver on what engineers require. Those are the solution PADT choses to sell to and support for our customers.

Additive Manufacturing Solutions from Stratasys

Stratasys' success is built on the FDM technology they invented, but that is only the start of what they have to offer. The best design and preproduction FDM systems are joined by the material flexibility of PolyJet, the accuracy and robustness of Stereolithography, Learn more here.

Optical Scanning Hardware

Scanning has become an integral part of both the product development process and life-cycle management once a product is in production. PADT applies extensive experience from providing scanning services to provide solutions to provide in-house scanning solutions to our customers. We pair scanning devices leading software to deliver a solution that works. Learn more here.

Additive Manufacturing Post Processing

PADT has been the world's leader in support removal technology since 2010. In 2020 we spun OryxAdditive out from PADT to focus on providing the best 3D Printing post processing solutions. Visit wwww.oryxadditive.com to learn more.

Support to Back it Up

Having the right hardware is just the start on getting the best value from your investment. When you purchase your 3D Printers or Scanners from PADT, you also get our outstanding support. Our customers have many choices on who to buy from, and they pick PADT for our support. Learn more here.

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