Having the right tools is critical in the world of product development. PADT knows this because we use a wide range of tools in house as part of our engineering and prototyping services. When we find a tool that we really like, we work with the provider to become a reseller of that tool so that we can make it an option for our customers as well, and use our expertise in the real world to help them learn and apply those tools effectively.

Product Knowledge and Technical Expertise

Our sales team is made up of trained professionals with in-depth product knowledge. They know what engineering organizations need, and how to work as a partner with those organizations to make the sales process efficient and beneficial. Our sales team is backed up by PADT's experienced engineers who interact engineer-to-engineer with customers who are investigating the products we represent. These engineers are not "demo jockeys", they are consulting engineers who provide manufacturing, simulation, test, inspection and other services. They not only know how to use these tools, they also know how to efficiently apply them to real world problems.

A Different Sales Experience

To keep things simple we break our product offerings up into two groups: hardware and software. Each group has dedicated salespeople, engineers, and a technical support team to make sure customers get the right tools and quickly learn how to use them once they are brought in house. The purchase of an engineering tool is a big investment and the process of choosing and acquiring the right tools is often made difficult by the companies trying to sell those tools. At PADT we do not have to imagine what it is like to be in our customer's shoes during the process, because we are also an engineering organization that must acquire our own tools. This gives us an understanding that almost no other sale organization in the engineering market has.

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Let PADT Be Your Engineering Tool Partner

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