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Simulation has become a powerful tool in product development, driving design from concept through manufacturing and into the field. ANSYS, Inc. has been there since the beginning, delivering outstanding technology and capability that lets you "Realize Your Product Promise"

What Makes ANSYS Different

Built upon the breakthrough Workbench platform, ANSYS, Inc's software tools offer unparalleled breadth and depth of capability. For longer than most simulation tools have even been in existence, ANSYS, Inc. has had a consistent product vision which has driven development and acquisitions:

  • ANSYS Simultation A laser like focus on creating Advanced Technologies that form the core of each product.
  • An emphasis on developing tools to be used efficiently and effectively by customers to enable Virtual Prototyping.
  • A dedication to providing Process Compression throughout the simulation process.
  • Designing the entire product suite to enable Dynamic CAE Collaboration.

PADT is your best choice for ANSYS Software, Support, and Training

PADT delivers this outstanding vision by providing sales and technical support for the complete ANSYS, Inc. product suite to customers located in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. ANSYS Users have a choice from who they purchase, and many choose PADT for a simple reason: PADT partners closely with their ANSYS customers to return significant value on their simulation software investment.

The sales team is focused on long term win-win relationships with our customers. Before and after the sale of any ANSYS, Inc. tool, PADT's engineering team is there to help customers understand what tools they need. Once they have them, they advice users on how to most effectively use those tools through our famous technical support and training.

Users around the world come to PADT as a place to find invaluable user resources, led by our "The Focus" blog articles and webinars.

Learn more about the various ANSYS, Inc. products by clicking the links below or by contacting our sales or technical teams.

ANSYS Inc, Tools offered by PADT:


Structural Mechanics (FEA)

Fluid Dynamics (CFD)


Other ANSYS, Inc. Tools

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