Simulation tools are the lifeblood of PADT. Since the company was started, our employees have focused on being power users of the simulation tools we use, and we have built strong relationships with the companies that write the world's leading Computer Aided Engineer (CAE) software packages.

Simulation Software

Work with Experts in Simulation for your Simulation Tools Needs

PADT's software offerings focus on simulation tools – tools that not only provide best-in-class simulation of mechanical systems, but also improve the productivity of simulation. We have chosen to resell these products for three basic reasons:

  1. We use them and have found them to be very productive and robust
  2. We find the companies that have written and support the software very good partners
  3. Each of these simulation tools offer what we at PADT feel is the greatest breadth and depth for their market segment, delivering the best value and the least limitations to users.

We currently sell and support the following software products:

  • ANSYS, Inc.'s Structural, CFD, and Electromagnetic Simulation Tools and Utilities
  • The Flownex System Level Thermodynamic Fluid-Thermal simulation product
  • PADT's very own PeDAL program for Editing ANSYS APDL Macros
  • Geomagic, the Ideal Tools for Reverse Engineering and Inspection
  • VCollab's 3D Model and Result Viewing Software

A Technical Sales Experience

Customers have many options for where they can acquire their simulation tools. PADT offers a significant advantage over the usual sales experience because we really know these simulation tools – we use them every day and some we actually wrote ourselves. When you choose to partner with PADT, you experience a technical sales process focused on your long term needs, followed by some of the best support in the world.

Please click on the links to the right to explore each of these simulation tool families, or contact us to talk with our sales team and engineers to learn how PADT uses these tools, how other customers are getting significant value out of them, and how you can bring them into your organization to realize the same benefits.

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