NIMBIX understand the unique challenges of compute-intensive environments. In fact, those challenges inspired them to develop the industry’s first true supercomputing cloud. And now NIMBIX, ANSYS, and PADT want to put it to work for your business.

A purpose-built cloud for the world’s most demanding workloads

Instead of relying on virtualization, as do many other cloud providers, the NIMBIX cloud is built on powerful bare-metal machines. This approach gives you the ability to complete complex tasks faster than ever before. All at a cost that’s typically lower than alternative solutions.

The NIMBIX team prides itself on responsiveness. Their goal is to solve your problems today—not six weeks from now. And, because their platform is totally intuitive, with nothing new for your users to learn, your time-to-value is greatly accelerated. Their intuitive interface leaves you free to focus on your simulation, not on how to run it.

This video give a fantastic overview of what makes NIMBIX the Simulation HPC Cloud provider of choice:


JARVICE™ is the high performance cloud platform built for true accelerated computing

JARVICE is the platform that powers the NIMBIX Cloud. Built from the ground up for today’s most demanding workflows, it delivers superior performance, capabilities, and ease of use.

Code runs faster on JARVICE thanks to NIMBIX’s innovative, patented Reconfigurable Cloud Computing, which runs containers on bare metal instead of virtual machines, eliminating the “hypervisor tax” that plagues other public clouds and datacenter infrastructures. Additionally, this technology enables seamless access to all cores, memory, interconnects, and accelerators without the need for complex, “passthrough” or paravirtualization techniques.

Partnered with ANSYS and PADT

If you are an existing ANSYS Software user, NIMBIX gets even better. They have partnered with ANSYS, Inc. to provide a simple and fast way for you to get access to ANSYS tools. The entire suite of ANSYS solvers is preloaded on the system as an application. Users simply chose which package and which version they want to run. Next they pick what hardware configuration they want. JARVICE then configures the assigned machines and provides the user with an interactive interface to work in.

The ANSYS License Server is also added to your workspace and you can purchase elastic licenses from PADT to add to the server. In just a few hours you can be up and running. It is all about speed and ease of use, including setup and licensing.

Try It Out

The best way to see the value in running your simulation on the cloud is to contact PADT and let us get you started. The process is easy, the price is cost-effective, and you can focus on running your simulations.


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