Companies that develop and manufacture products are under a lot of pressure and they need partners that they can count on to help them achieve goals that get more and more difficult every year.  PADT has proven their ability to be that partner for over 1000 customers by providing Simulation, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping services.

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Experience + Knowledge
+ Tools + Dedication =
People who Deliver

PADT starts building our services capability with experience.  We hire engineers who have worked for leading companies solving real world problems. Once they join PADT, the variety of projects they work on only increase that experience.  We also only hire people with deep, theoretical and practical knowledge in their area of expertise.  This knowledge can come from attending one of the top ten engineering Universities, which many of our employees have graduated from, or from continued studies that we insist they continue with after they graduate. 

We understand the importance of not only using the right engineering tools, but also in becoming experts in them.  From spreadsheets to data acquisition systems to leading edge Computation Fluid Dynamics tools, PADT’s staff is known for their skill in applying the right tool in the right way to the right problem.

Something else that PADT’s staff is also known for is their dedication.  The desire to solve customers’ problems, to exceed their expectations, is endemic at PADT.  It is not just an attitude of our employees, it is reinforced by how we structure the company, how our managers lead, and in the decisions we make every day.

A Trusted, Long Term Partner

Consistent and steady growth of PADT’s engineering services offerings since 1994 is a testament to the fact that our managers, project leaders, engineers and technicians are focused on your long term success.  Many of our services partners start working with us to make a prototype, now  they count on us to provide a wide variety of services.  More than a few $250 prototype jobs have grown to be multiyear, multimillion dollar relationships that involve prototyping, manufacturing, design, testing, research, quality services, and simulation. 

Let PADT Be Part of your Engineering Team

Please take some time to investigate our breadth and depth of services that we offer by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to one of our lead engineers about how We Make Innovation Work.

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