Injection Molding

Sometimes you need more than a single part. Sometimes you may need five or ten copies of your parts. Sometimes you may need a few thousand.  When you get to production, you may even need millions.  Just as PADT was there for you during the prototyping stage, we are here to help when you need molded parts of any quantity, or we can also help you develop your injection molding process.

PADT Injection Molding Press

Soft Tooling or Hard Tooling, PADT Adapts to your Injection Molding Needs

Companies who start with PADT for prototypes stay with us through their injection molding phase because we can offer the right solution for every step of the process whereas most vendors focus on just one step.  We break those steps into three categories:

Soft Tooling

We start with soft tooling to make small numbers of parts. This is also often called rubber molding or urethane casting. It begins with a high quality representation of your part, often an SLA prototype made and prepared by PADT as a master part, then a flexible silicone mold is made around that prototype. We then inject the proper urethane, chosen from a wide variety of materials to best meet your needs, to make your part. The options of applying a surface finish or assembly with other components are available. This gives you a working product that you can use for marketing, testing, or if a low volume, actual production parts. This is the preferred process if you need between one and one-hundred parts.

Prototype and Development Tooling

The next level of injection molding is prototype or development tooling.  This is for when you need injection molded parts quickly or at a lower cost.  It is also great for low volumes or when you need to develop your process.  We can either cast the mold from an accurate master part using aluminum-filled epoxy or we can have one of our trusted vendors machine an aluminum mold.  Once the mold had been made, we can make your parts with your production plastic material in-house using our 150 ton injection molding machine. Or we can work with one of our pre-vetted injection molding vendors.  This is the preferred process if you need between fifty to less than ten thousand parts for testing or production.  It is also a great way to optimize your injection molding process before you commit to final tooling.

Production Tooling

When you are ready for high volume, so is PADT.  We can help you design and procure hard tooling by working as your representative in the search for the right vendor for your particular needs.  Once we have found that vendor for you, we will be there through the whole process, starting at obtaining quotes to help you get your high volume production parts delivered right to your loading dock. This includes: refining the part design for injection molding, handling the entire quotation process, coordinating the tooling design, coordinating the tooling manufacturing, developing the first article inspection and lot inspection protocol, handling the purchasing of tooling and production runs, checking on the inspection, doing first article inspection, and then handling any shipping, import/export, and customs issues.  We work with local and overseas vendors, speaking their language, whether it is machine-shop-molding-talk, quality-speak, or Cantonese.

Prototype injection molding molds

Finish with the Team you Started with

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