Medical Device Development

Medical Device Development

Bringing medical devices to market is challenging.  Beyond the requirements of any product development project, medical device product development has unique performance constraints, regulatory requirements, and quality controls.  That is why PADT has created a group within the company that is focused on nothing but medical device product development: PADT Medical.

Urethera medical device product development

Exceed your Design Goals

Whether you are a new startup with a novel procedure or an established equipment OEM, PADT is here to help you get your product to market in a timely way, while still meeting your quality and regulatory requirements.  Our medical device product development group achieves this by combining expert engineering, an FDA compliant quality system, experienced project management, in-house prototyping, extensive testing capabilities, and a deep understanding of the unique needs of the medical device development industry in a synergistic way.

Engineering Expertise

The first thing that sets PADT Medical apart from a typical medical design house is our engineering expertise.  Although our team is focused on and experienced in medical device product development, most of the team members also have experience with aerospace, semiconductor, or advanced energy solutions.  This allows them to combine the most advanced engineering methods and tools with their medical device knowledge in a way that few other service providers can.

Orthosensor Medical DeviceIn-House Breadth and Depth

Where a typical medical design house may have depth in the area of design and quality, PADT sets itself apart by also having in-house capabilities that other companies have to bring in outside vendors to provide.  Our significant simulation, often called virtual prototyping capabilities are truly second to none.  PADT also has a full rapid prototyping and machine shop in house, so our design engineers can obtain functional prototypes that meet their needs in a fraction of the time.  We also have in-house lab and testing facilities, eliminating another potential bottle-neck in the medical device product development process.

Let us Engineer your Medical Device Innovations

Please take some time to investigate our PADT Medical offerings by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to our lead engineers about how we can help you with your product development needs.

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