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At PADT, We Make Innovation Work.  We do that by providing products and services that make the product development process more efficient and more cost effective, while making the end products better.  Many of the services we offer fit into nice categories that can be grouped easily on a web page.  Some services do not fit so well.  This page is about those hard to categorize services, but that many customers come to us for year after year: 

Expert Consulting to Help Your Company

Sometimes the solution a customer needs does not involve hiring PADT to do a project, provide training, or supply a solution.  Sometimes what a customer needs is an outside expert to work with them to help make changes, suggest improvements, or provide advice.  Every area of PADT provides expert consulting where we team with customers to carry out evaluations and provide recommendations.  This covers almost every aspect of product development, but there are some type of consulting that we do the most often, to give an idea of the breadth and depth we have to offer in this area:

Simulation Driven Product Development Process Evaluations

PADT has been using Simulation Driven Product Development in house and for customers since our founding. We are often asked by our customers to work with them to understand their product development process works and to make recommendations on how to use simulation more effectively and efficiently.  The result of this type of consulting is usually recommended changes to processes, training, and customization of commonly used simulation tasks.

Outside Experts for Design Reviews

A fresh set of eyes is a very powerful thing. Customers who recognize this often call upon PADT's engineers to attend design reviews.  They not only provide a fresh perspective, they bring expertise in a variety of areas to the table. 

Business and Technology Due Diligence for Startups and Investment Opportunities

One of our engineer's favorite consulting tasks is serving as an evaluator for a startup company or for someone looking to make an investment in a company centered on a physical product.  Our vast industry, business, and technology experience can be applied to look at whichever aspects of the target company that need evaluations.  Because we understand technology, because we understand what it takes to get a product to market, and because we know how to Make Innovation Work, we offer a very unique and useful perspective.  At the conclusion of these efforts, we can present both a highly technical due diligence report and a more high-level business oriented summary.

Manufacturing Liaison with Manufacturers Manufacturing consulting meeting

Coordinating outsourced manufacturing is always a challenging task, especially in today's market where most manufacturing is done in a different time zone.  PADT has built a considerable strong reputation as a liaison between product companies and their manufacturing suppliers. What makes our consulting in this area unique is our high level of engineering, both product and manufacturing, experience coupled with a fundamental understanding of manufacturing processes, shipping, and quality.  Many customers that have struggled with their product production have come to PADT for help, and we have been happy to use our experience and expertise to work things out for all parties and get the product made right, made on budget, and delivered on time.

CAD Translation and Repair

One of the most annoying tasks in the world of engineering is dealing with the translation and repair of Computer Aided Design, or CAD, files. Because PADT receives CAD files from hundreds of customers, our engineers have developed the unique set of skills is required to quickly and efficiently carry out translation and repair. They also have a fundamental understanding of most of the major CAD tools, the math behind BREP feature based solid modeling, and how CAD files are actually used. Next time you find yourself struggling with the translation of a file from one system to another, or with the repair of a CAD file, PADT is here to help.

IT Support for Engineering Environments

One of the biggest complaints we here from our customers is that their company IT team just does not understand the needs of engineers when it comes to computers, networks, and computing infrastructure.  Because PADT is, at its core, a computer aided engineering company; we speak both engineering and IT.  And we understand the needs of both.  Sometimes we just serve as a translator, sometimes as an outside expert, and sometimes we get deeply involved in equipment procurement, loading, and testing systems.  Next time you feel frustrated by your  IT support for Engineering users, contact PADT and we will be ready to help.

Win-Win Expert Contract Engineer Placement

PADT is not a job shop.  We do not rent out engineers to whoever needs temporary help.  What we do provide is sub-contract services for placing specific expert engineers with customers when both the engineer and customer are not happy with working through a traditional placement agency.  We focus on providing a solution where the customer is happy and the contract engineer is happy with the arrangement.  If you are a contract engineer that is unhappy with your arrangement, or you are a company that is not happy with how your expert contract engineers are obtained, contact PADT and we would be happy to negotiate a relationship.

Co-Location for True Synergy

Sometimes nothing beats being under the same roof.  PADT has a history of working with our customers, vendors, and partners so closely that we sometimes invite in to our offices to share space, labs, and equipment with us. 

Software Development with a Focus on Engineering Applications

Writing software for use in engineering is different than writing software for almost any other area.  PADT has considerable expertise writing software that customizes engineering tools, automates testing, manages data/databases, or provides web and mobile interfaces to other applications.  And yes, we still speak FORTRAN. If you have software development needs that go beyond what generic application developers can provide, please contact PADT to see how we can help.

Solid Modeling & Design

Every product and service that PADT offers requires some sort of Solid Modeling or Design.  Many customers realize the expertise that PADT has to offer and utilize our experienced engineers to carry out a variety of CAD tasks that include: parametric solid modeling, creating solid models from "style" models, creating solid models from legacy drawings, updating and modifying solid models.

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Services Offered with Our Partners

Although PADT does a lot, it cannot do everything.  In those cases we call upon our network of partners.  These are individuals and companies that we have worked with and that we feel can provide the same high level of customer experience that we offer our customers directly.  The most common services that we offer through our partners are:

  • Industrial Design
  • Testing
  • Machining
  • Custom Medical Quality Systems

Find out What PADT Can Do to Help

This page only lists highlights. PADT has a lot to offer, especially if you include our partners. Give us a call at 480.813.4884 or email info@padtinc.com and we would love to talk with you about what your needs are and how we can help.   

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