Product Development

Product Development has changed.  No longer are some simple design tasks followed by setting up manufacturing.  Customers now demand that every aspect of a product’s performance be optimized, that you deliver more for less cost, and that you get your products to market faster.  PADT has become a trusted partner with startups and established multi-national corporations alike by being a resource they can count on.  We are focused on working with our customers to make their innovation into real products and to help them deliver projects on time and on budget by focusing on advanced engineering capabilities, flexible project management, and the judicious use of qualified vendors.

Portable Fuel Cell Product Development

Ready to Help with the Hard Stuff

PADT’s Product Development team has grown for one simple reason: we help you solve the tough problems.  Whether it is helping you find the right combination of materials, design and carrying out a comprehensive test plan, or investigating and fixing an annoying field failure issue, our team of engineers has the real world experience and fundamental technical knowledge to find answers fast and implement them into your design.

Although PADT has years of specific experience in Medical Devices, Semiconductor Equipment, Alternative Energy, and Rotating Machinery development, we have helped companies from almost every other industry make their products better, faster and more affordable.  Some of those customers even moved into PADT and co-located with us during much of the development process.

Concept to Manufacturing
or Point Solutions

Some of PADT’s customers come to us with a concept or just a set of design requirements and ask us to take their product all the way to manufacturing.  Others simply bring in our experts for a specific piece of their development process to supplement the resources they already have.  Whatever your needs are, PADT’s team has the people, facilities, and tools to partner with you to meet your challenging product development goals.

Some of the resources we offer are:

  • Your choice of CAD tools
  • Mechanical component design
  • Machine design
  • Industrial design
  • Electro-mechanical integration and design
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Imbedded Systems
  • Controls systems
  • Mechatronics design
  • Test Specification, Design, Planning and Management
  • Vibration spectral measurement
  • Test fixture design and assembly
  • Operating, Endurance, and Durability Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Evaluation and Selection of Suppliers
  • Coordination of Vendors
  • Transfer to Production Manufacturing

Let PADT Show you how "We Make Innovation Work"

Please take some time to investigate our Product Development offerings by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to our lead engineers about how we can help you with your product development needs.

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