Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Innovation is not always about creating, it often involves obtaining an accurate understanding of what you already have.  To address this critical need, PADT offers Scanning & Reverse Engineering services that provide our customers with a way to reverse engineer or conduct highly accurate inspection on existing parts.  But that is where the value just starts. Once we have accurate surface data, we can create usable CAD models, accurate forensics reports, or whatever information you need to improve your product.

Certified Quality

PADT's scanning services, inspecition, and geometry reverse engineering are all conducted under a Quality Management System that is certified the the AS9100D(2016 and ISO9001:2015 standards.


Over 23 years in business and hundreds of satisfied customers, the team is trusted by major manufacturers to deliver on their scanning and reverse engineering needs.

Technical Know-How

Engineers with a strong background in scanning, quality, manufacturing, and design offer a unique combination of breadth and depth for greater value.

Superior Tools

Industry leading scanners and software are leveraged with high performance computing to deliver greater accuracy in less time.

Complete Solutions

More than just part scanning, our team understands what customers need and deliver intelligence and insight along with accurate digitized geometry.

Clear and Accurate Digitizaton of your Product

PADT couples our optical scanning solutions with leading software to deliver more than just a point cloud.  Our engineering team designs, builds, and tests real hardware so we understand what our customers really need when it comes to part scanning and inspection.  Using our quality standards or those provided by the customer, we deliver accurate and thorough inspection reports, a faceted (STL) model, or a CAD model.

Learn more about each of the capabilities that PADT offers in this area:

Inspection and Part Scanning that Drive Your Innovation

Please take some time to investigate our scanning, reverse engineering, and inspection offerings by visiting the links to the right, filling out the form, or contact us now to talk to our manufacturing engineers about how we make you the best possible prototype.

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