Full spectrum simulation

It does not matter what name you use for it – Simulation, Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Testing, Numerical Analysis, FEA, CFD, CAE or Modeling.  PADT is an organization that is dedicated to maintaining its leadership role in providing a full spectrum of simulation services to its customers.  One of the reasons why PADT was started by its founders was because they saw the promise of driving product development through the proper application of simulation early in the design process. Every year more and more companies learn the value of simulation driven product development by depending on PADT to be their simulation partner. 

More than a Black Box -
A Part of your Team

Most companies offering simulation services have a “black box” business model.  You give them a problem statement, they give you a quote.  You give them money, they give you a report.  At PADT we look at simulation as a collaborative effort that begins with us working to understand what answers you are trying to find with your simulation.  Once we understand that we will work with you to establish the right problem statement and a reasonable price.  During the simulation itself we keep our customers updated and involved in the project as it evolves, making adjustments and changes as needed.  When the project is done we not only share a detailed review of the results with you, we also show you what processes we used and deliver the computer data we generated.

Our experience has shown us that as soon as a simulation project starts delivering answers, there are new questions. We work closely with the customer to make sure we understand those new questions and make sure to find answers for them in a fast and efficient manner.

Fluid Simulation Services

Simulation ServicesSimulation ServicesBreadth and Depth to Address the Full Problem Statement

Your products are complex, and how they will be used in the real world is complicated.  In order to effectively use virtual prototyping to answer your product development questions you need a partner that can model a very broad set of situations.  Many smaller or specialized simulation outsourcing companies will modify the problem statement to fit the tools and experience they have.  PADT’s wide range of capabilities allows us to really apply the right tools to each problem, providing the most cost effective and accurate solution available.

The most common types of simulation that PADT carries out for our customers are shown below.  Please click on a given area to see more details about the types of simple to advanced simulation we conduct in each area:

Let PADT Help you Drive Your Product Development with Simulation

Please take some time to investigate our breadth and depth of simulation services that we offer by visiting the links to the right, or contact us now to talk to our virtual prototyping experts about how you can leverage PADT's simulation services.

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