Software Support

When you purchase engineering software through PADT, you are investing in more than a tool to run on your computer. You are also purchasing expert local support from consulting engineers who use the same products every day on real world problems.

PADT Technical Support

PADT's software support works alike for all of the products we represent. When you call or email our engineers, we respond as soon as possible and usually right upon receipt. We do not have a queue or automated ticket system. You work directly with our engineers.

Once you engage with our engineers, you will find that PADT’s support goes above and beyond what most companies offer. We answer the usual install, crash, bug, and simple usage questions However, we also go one step further and spend time helping you access the full power of your product, giving advice, examples, and even software scripts to help with your productivity.

All calls are entered into our technical support database and every interaction we have with you on that topic will be added to your case. Throughout the process you can always directly contact your assigned engineer through email or over the phone.

World Class Support for World Class tools:  ANSYS, Inc. Products + Flownex + Geomagic + PeDAL

The best route for support, regardless of your location, is to call 480.813.4884 or 1.800.293.PADT. Usually one of our administrative staff members will answer the phone. Just ask for technical support and name the product you are using. Your call will be forwarded to the appropriate engineer. After business hours, the automatic attendant will list your options. You may also send an email to Please include the following in your email: what software you are using, the version, and the specifics of your issue.

For more specific online information, see the links to the right.

Office Hours

Most of our customers receive their support over the phone or via email. Customers who are close by can also set up a face-to-face appointment with one of our engineers.

For most locations, simply contact or call 480.813.4884..

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